It’s been a good week for God –

Not because NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LePierre said that the right to bear arms “is not bestowed by man, but granted by God to all Americans as our American birthright.”

Not because EPA director Scott Pruitt justified gutting rules governing pollution by saying that the “biblical world view with respect to these issues is that we have a responsibility to … harvest the natural resources we’ve been blessed with .…”

No, even with having His name taken in vain and His Holy Word vilified, it’s been a good week for God.

Here’s My Take: Billy Graham entered the Kingdom of the Saints this week. He died on the very day school kids took to the streets to speak out about gun violence. The two are not unrelated.

In his death, Graham issued his final altar call – a call for young people to come forward and confront the greed of those who would dehumanize and destroy life. Seeing their faithful response, in spite of LePierre and Pruitt, it’s been a good week for God.