Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

For the past 20 years, Liz and I have carried with us the ashes of our deceased pets. This includes Liz’s horse, Brass (just the head, hoof and heart, I think).

With the passing last week of our black lab Balthazar, this collection has become sizable. Still, not knowing where we might end up, we haven’t wanted to leave family members behind. In addition to Brass and Balthazar, this includes Keisha, Rambo, Drum and Shadow.

It was of interest, therefore, that I read recently about the “whole-family movement” promoting burial of pets alongside people. Unfortunately, this is illegal in many states going back to the belief that cemeteries are for burials of “the soul,” with the assumption that only people have souls.

Here’s My Take: Since God, in the Genesis story, created animals prior to people, it stands to reason that animals are more important than people in God’s sight. People were created to care for animals as I interpret the passage.

Also, if heaven is an eternal resting place for those living exemplary lives, then surely it is a place where dogs, cats and even horses must far outnumber humans.

To paraphrase a Bob Walkenhorst song, “If God doesn’t love dogs, what does He love?”

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