Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

In the midst of revelations about his son’s potential collusion with Russia, President Trump met with Evangelical leaders at the White House for a “laying-on of hands.” This was followed by an interview with televangelist Pat Robertson.

“I want you to know there are thousands of people praying for you and holding you up all the time,” Robertson told the president in the interview.

Some would say that Trump was playing to his base, circling the wagons with Evangelical Christians who got him elected.

Here’s My Take: Trump is the perfect front man for Evangelicals like Robertson.

Robertson believes that chaos in any form (storms, war or disease), represents God’s anger at mankind’s sinful actions in the ongoing battle between good and evil. To signify the “End Times,” the anti-Christ will come sowing seeds of destruction prior to the second coming of Christ.

Caught up in this Robertson-fed world view, Trump no doubt believes he has been anointed as the Savior. More likely, he represents the seeds of destruction.


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