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It’s easy to blame Donald Trump for the anger toward immigrants sweeping our nation. Some might argue, however, that he is not the cause but an expression of the evil among us.

In the Passover celebration soon to be observed by Jews everywhere, Trump will most certainly be placed in the role of Pharaoh with immigrants as the Israelites seeking freedom. (In the Passover story, God helps the Israelites escape slavery by sending ten plagues upon the Egyptians before the Pharaoh will release them.)

Here’s the question: Is Trump the Pharaoh or one of the many plagues?

Here’s My Take: Evil is easily personalized by attaching it to human form, whether Pharaoh or President. Unfortunately, replacing the head does not guarantee freedom for the body.

If we begin to think of Trump as a plague placed upon us, not the Pharaoh, then we can begin to see ourselves less as victims and more as those called to continue fighting human oppression in all its forms.*

President Trump is the expression of oppression, not its cause.

*Concept based on an article by Corey Robin in the Jacobin (3/12/2017).



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