Christocrats is a term coined by Rabbi James Rudin in 2006 to describe those orchestrating a merger of the religious right with the Republican Party “to establish a white-dominated Christian America.”

At the time, people thought Rabbi Rudin was a little nutty. He turned out to be prophetic.

Consider President Trump’s expressed admiration for President Andrew Jackson. It was Jackson who, in the 1830’s, developed the policy of uprooting Native Americans from their homelands and forcibly sending them into exile – the “Trail of Tears” it was called.

Displacing Mexicans and banning immigrants from Muslim countries, with exceptions for Christian refugees, are just further steps along this same tearful path of making America a whiter, more “Christian” nation.

Here’s My Take: Another “Trail of Tears” was created when Jesus carried the cross up the hill to Golgotha.

To identify the crucified Christ with those creating the tears, and not those shedding them, is a gross perversion of the Gospel. Christocrats who practice it shall surely burn in hell.





Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

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