Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

Here we are in the midst of another war – a war further inflamed by a Michigan official who said recently that the 1970 killing of four students by the Ohio National Guard at Kent State offers a solution for student dissent.

“I’m thinking that Kent State might be the only solution,” posted Marquette County Republican Party Secretary Dan Adamini on Facebook in response to the recent protests at Berkeley over the appearance of a white nationalist speaker. “Protests stopped after only one death.”

Adamini failed to mention that the Kent State deaths, not one but four, are credited with turning the tide of public opinion, leading to the end of the Vietnam War. Richard Nixon was president.

Here’s My Take: As in 1970, our battle is against an immoral government that acts above the law. Such governments will eventually resort to suppression to retain their power. Walls and immigration bans are first steps.

I pray that it does not take another Kent State massacre to end this war.

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