Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

Years ago, in a Midwestern university town split by farming and academic interests, a psychiatrist was elected mayor. I liked the symbolism. Also, Richard Nixon was president and the Vietnam War was being challenged.

It was not the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. that brought back these memories but an article in The Beast. An alt-right anti-Semitic podcaster for the “The Right Stuff” was “doxxed” when it was revealed that his wife was Jewish. “My wife is a Jew for Christ sakes,” he admitted after an initial denial.  Now that’s a divide.

Here’s My Take: Those who seek the Holy on the borders of life will always find themselves living in divided worlds. This does not require being schizophrenic, however.

We play our music, we paint our pictures, we take our stands – always seeking in the Rorschach test of life to see the rejected, the persecuted, and the un-loved, knowing that here the Divine resides and all are embraced.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow refers to this as “self-actualization,” feeling a deep sense of kinship with the human race. Religious folk call it love of neighbor.

Divided worlds do not divided loyalties require.

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