Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

Strangers in a strange land we are, characters in a nightmarish novel written by our own technological dependencies. We, you and I, have created Donald J. Trump, a villain of seismic proportions who requires massive amounts of negative energy to survive.

As in any horror tale, there must be a solution, a way out. I’m not ready to “Be Reconciled.” I want my America back.

I’ve been spoiled by rulers voicing commitments to high moral standards, compassion, and respect for others. Now Babylon rules from a Golden Tower.** I am an exile in a world I no longer trust.

Here’s My Take: Gold is the medium of the new realm – gold watches, gold bathroom fixtures, the golden calves of idol worshippers. Gold is also a conductor of energy. What if I change the energy flow feeding into Trump Tower, replacing the negative with the positive?

Here’s my solution. I’ll take all those unwanted Gideon Bibles – five million – being removed from motel rooms across America and stack them on the steps of Trump Tower, thus using stories of God’s love to reverse the energy flow and starve the infidel.

Don’t laugh. It worked before. That’s the good news. The bad news is that, according to the prophet Jeremiah, our Babylonian exile may last another 70 years.

*This was written prior to the Women’s March on Washington and other cities. Watching these gatherings made me feel at home again with a sense of pride, hope and even joy. Thank you to all who participated.

**From Genesis to Revelations, Babylon is a biblical symbol of evil and defiance of God.


  1. Roger – Cynthia and I read all your posts to one another. We concur. “Live at Pilgrim Chapel” recorded by Bob, sung by David, played by Joe, is going out this week, by the grace of God, to 225 radio stations. Forward an address, one will come to you. Thank you!


    • David and Cynthia, thank you for your support of Faith Outside the Box. I am excited about your CD. Bob gave me a copy of the original following your performance and I thought then, before any adjustments, that it was a great recording. I was greatly appreciate a copy. The address is 120 Country Club Dr. Edenton, NC 27932. If you are ever headed toward the NC Outer Banks, let us know. We have a guest quarters in our home. Congratulations. Roger


  2. Benjamin Meade


    What is this you say about Bibles being removed from hotel rooms? I agree with you on Trump. He is stacking his group Billionaires that are going to bring us to a new low….again. B-


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