Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

Let us think, in these early New Year days, of what it means to be wealthy.

This issue is raised by reviewing the list of clergy chosen to participate in Donald Trump’s inauguration. Many are purveyors of the “prosperity gospel,” the belief that by contributing a “seed offering” to the church or pastor, riches will follow. Such riches tend to be monetary in nature.

Consider clergy invitee Paula White, often called Donald Trump’s “God Whisperer.” Rev. White in a recent sermon proclaimed that “God is speaking clearly to someone right now. Do not hesitate. Your sacrificial offering will be a seed for blessings. According to Ezekiel 44, when you present your First Fruits offering, it will cause a blessing to rest upon your house!”

Here’s My Take: The notion of giving in order to receive, while very Trumpian, is not very Christian (or Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or Islamic).

Life is not a cosmic casino with a guaranteed payoff. Wealth is the awareness of blessings already perceived.


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