Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

In a season full of religious and pagan celebrations – Christmas, Chanukah and the Winter Solstice, to name a few — one would expect abounding expressions of hope, joy and goodwill toward all.

The headlines tell a different tale, however:

  • Catholic priest bans young man from singing “Ave Maria” at grandmother’s funeral because of his participation in Gay Pride parade.
  • California mosques receive hateful letters mentioning Trump.
  • Violent anti-Semitic attacks rise 50 percent.

Here’s My Take: In a world where facts no longer matter and news is easily faked, perhaps I will be forgiven for creating my own seasonal headlines:

  • Homeless man invites Trump to Christmas Dinner; Trump accepts.
  • Impovished woman gives birth to Savior (in barn).
  • Angel Image mysteriously appears on Starbucks coffee cups.

Speaking of angels, today I listened to Dar Williams’ “The Pagans and the Christians.”

So the Christians and the Pagans sat together at the table, Finding faith and common ground the best that they were able, And just before the meal was served, hands were held and prayers were said, Sending hope for peace on earth to all their gods and goddesses.

Celebrating the beauty of our differences: ‘Tis the message for the season.

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