Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

The earliest-known stone version of the Ten Commandments recently sold at auction for $850,000. Actually, this relic contained only nine commandments. Missing is “taking the Lord’s name in vain.”

Still, even with nine, the price seems a little low. But then again, how can you fight the $1.35 billion spent by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to convince us that the Ten Commandments are no longer relevant.

Trump was accused of breaking at least four of the commandments – adultery, stealing, bearing false witness, and worshipping false idols – of which he admitted to none.

Clinton, on the other hand, was accused of murder, bearing false witness and stealing, much of which she could not remember.

Here’s My Take: The good news is that by using the Samaritan version of the “Nine Commandments,” if we feel like taking the Lord’s name in vain to describe the wasted funds and demeanor of this presidential election, at least we can’t be accused of breaking a religious commandment.

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