In these dark hours, I write to warn those who naively believe we have elected a human as president.

We have not, my friends. We have been taken over by aliens with Trump part of a long-planned invasion to conquer Earth. Perhaps we are being groomed for food. I don’t know their intent, but I do know their motivations are evil.

I should have seen it coming: my dog suddenly growling at neighbors; the silly smiles on people’s faces at church; but most of all the silence, the unwillingness of anyone to talk about what was happening. Silence was the killer.

Look closely. Notice how Trump’s body parts don’t fit – the small hands, the over-sized head. Even babies cry in his presence. The clues were there.

We are under siege. Remain vigilant, O People of Faith, O Nations of the Earth.

Warning: Look for anger. Anger is the only emotion that separates humans from aliens. If they are not angry, smile back. Don’t give yourself away lest your body also be snatched. Our time will come.


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