Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

Take something enjoyable, beer drinking for example, and the next thing you know church groups want to re-define this simple pleasure and turn it into a spiritual awakening.

With young people fleeing organized religion in droves, churches are being forced to adapt or die. What better way to reach Millennials, one third of whom have no religious affiliation, than to invite them over for a beer.

Milwaukee groups like Brewing the Faith and Jesus & Beer provide opportunities for people to gather and discuss faith in settings not unlike the coffee houses of the past. “Eat, drink and enjoy life” is the basis for such a ministry.

While I like beer, I see several drawbacks. One is the tendency to overindulge and to do some damage one fine day. Also, there’s the beer bellies.

The latter shouldn’t be an issue, however, since churches are increasingly adding fitness centers to their facilities to attract young people to Jesus.

Here’s My Take: As long as churches continue to attack gay relationships, promote Donald Trump as a Christian and concern themselves with which bathroom people should use, there will not be enough beer in Milwaukee to draw young people into the Light of Jesus.

It’s the message not the youth that needs refreshing.

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