Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

In Monopoly as in life, when the game is over, it all goes back into the box. So says Christian author John Ortberg in a statement meant to put life in perspective. Life is about the richness of being, not the richness of having.

Apply this to the presidential campaign. Both major candidates promise to make our lives richer. Mr. Trump invites African-American support by asking, “What do you have to lose?” Ms. Clinton offers a plan to reduce student loans.

Politics is the art of making one believe that government will take care of us. It promises a richness of having, not a richness of being. The ease with which religion, especially Christianity, loses sight of this by embracing partisan politics is less than inspiring.

Here’s My Take: We aren’t doing a very good job of living faithfully when we ignore non-partisan words like compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation.

In the end, it’s about how we lived the game, not how many hotels we acquired.


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