Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

America, it seems, is becoming more accepting of racial differences and less tolerant of religious differences.

According to a recent study by University of Minnesota sociologists, for every religious group there’s a significant increase over the past decade in disapproval of marriage outside one’s own faith. At the same time, there’s significantly less disapproval of a child marrying a person of another race.

What is being suggested here is that it is more acceptable today for a non-black to marry an African-American than for a non-Muslim to marry a Muslim. (Muslims have replaced atheists as the most hated group in America.)

Religion, not race, is our new scapegoat.

Here’s My Take: There’s an African word, ubuntu, that means “I am because we are.” Without this inclusivity, the God of love gets ditched again.

4 thoughts on “I AM BECAUSE WE ARE

    • Thanks David. I try to read a few religion-related articles each day and make note of words and sayings that offer a sense of inclusiveness. Ubuntu was found in an article in which an African pastor was calling for respect of gay Africans. Thanks for reading.


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