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What does it mean to say “In God We Trust,” or more to the point, what does it mean to place these words on police cars as is the case in Camden County, NC?

Camden Sheriff Terry Perry has joined a growing trend of law enforcement officers displaying our national motto on police vehicles. “I want people to know I put faith in God to run this office,” Perry said.

At first, I was skeptical knowing that injustices are often practiced in the name of God. However, upon reflection, I think use of this slogan on police cars might be a good thing.

Here’s My Take: Sheriff Perry’s motivation is one of reducing the dangers of enforcing the law. I pray he’s right. But, if God is defined as that spirit calling us to live in just and loving relationships, what else might be expected from God-centered law enforcement?

For one thing there would be fewer deaths like those of Jamycheal Mitchell, the mentally retarded young man who starved to death last year in the Hampton Roads Regional Jail, and the more recent death of Henry Clay Stewart, who was denied medical attention at the same facility located not far from Camden County.

“In God We Trust” is a two-edged sword. God loves the prisoner as much as the jailor.


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