Welcome to Roger’s Take On Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

There’s an arrogance in public praying as if, whether at political convention or sporting event, God’s power can be manipulated by mere human words. Food is sacred I believe. It should always be blessed. But politicians and football players I’m not so sure about.

The words from Paul Simon’s “Wartime Prayers” always come back to me: People hungry for the voice of God hear lunatics and liars.

Apparently I’m not alone in this. The followers of Bernie Sanders booed the opening prayer at the Democratic National Convention.

Here’s My Take: Finally, I heard the word of God clearly spoken in the benediction given by Rabbi Julie Schonfeld. Following the DNC speech by Bernie Sanders, she said:

In a season so filled with chatter of “Who is Great” and “What is Great” and “What Shall Be Great,” Let us remember Scripture’s clear, simple explanation of greatness: God is the great, the mighty and the awesome, For God defends the cause of the widow and the orphan, And loves the stranger residing among you.  This is God’s greatness, and this is the greatness the American people must strive to imitate.

And no one booed.


  1. Hutson David

    Roger, I appreciate your ability to concisely combine your interpretation with a valid conclusion. Hope to visit this fall after baseball. D



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