Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

“Protect our daughters” has again become the rallying cry. This time the enemy is not black men (other than President Obama). It’s transgender people, especially transgender students.

Now that the Obama Administration has urged public schools to provide access to bathrooms based on gender identity rather than the biological sex listed on a child’s birth certificate, the latest aim and blame war has begun.

Is there a difference between former Alabama Governor George Wallace standing in the door of the University of Alabama to protect white students from black students and North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory standing in the door of the bathroom in Raleigh saying “Protect our women and children”? Is one bigotry and the other religious heroism?

Here’s My Take: Those opposed to the recognition of transgender people will argue that this is a war between God and government. It’s a losing strategy, however, not because government is so strong, but because God’s love is so inclusive.

Fear may circle the wagons, but “fear not” wins the wars.


  1. Chuck McCann

    P.S. Roger…no, you are NOT one of the stupid ones. It’s all those people who get upset about Transgenders… me it’s a crazy topic…just let people be and accept that there are differences and get over it!


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