Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

“Dry as communion wafers and the wine not much better” sums up the menu at the old Westport Record Bar. It’s also appropriate. For those who spent Wednesday evenings listening to the music of Bob Walkenhorst, Jeff Porter and Norm Dahlor, it was easy to feel that in essence here was a church, Holy Spirit and all.*

We were the congregants, of course, with cakes and cookies regularly shared in celebration of birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. But most of all there was the music, music thoughtfully presented in ways that brought audience and performers together in a spirit of healing and hopefulness.

Here’s the question: Can music become a stairway to heaven?

Here’s My Take: At age 75, Bob Dylan gives his answer in “Forever Young” – “May you build a ladder to the stars, and climb on every rung.” It’s an invitation for all to continue gathering on Wednesday evenings (or whenever), share the cakes and cookies and find in the music the eternal voice of healing and hopefulness. Thanks Bob.

*Church services continue with Bob, Jeff and Norm performing on Wednesday evenings in Kansas City at Kelly’s Westsider. Also, I define Holy Spirit as the unacknowledged presence of God – rock concerts and war protests being two examples.

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