Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

Like the disappearing middle class, it’s getting harder these days to find political moderates or moderates of any kind for that matter. Half the country is driving with their foot on the brake. The other half is recklessly speeding.

Take semi-automatic weapons, for example. They only serve one purpose – killing a lot of people quickly. It would be nice to limit their use but prohibiting them, I’m told, would lead to the banning of all guns.

Increasing the minimum wage to something closer to a living wage sounds good except, I’m told again, it would destroy our economy.

Approving gay marriage will certainly end the sanctity of marriage. Next, threesomes will seek to be wedded.

Who’s driving this car?

Here’s My Take: John Muller, former Kansas City designer and classic race car driver, once created a sweat shirt that included the wording, “Hard on the gas/Hard on the brakes.” Good insight, John. Just because you have your foot on the gas one minute doesn’t mean you can’t brake the next. It’s not all or nothing but both that completes a course of many turns.

This is a call for more two-footed drivers in these one-footed times, drivers capable not only of “fighting the good fight” but of “finishing the race and keeping the faith.” (II Tim. 4:7)

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