Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

Donald Trump has been cleared by police of “inciting a riot” charges at a rally in North Carolina. Still, the attack by a 78-year-old white Trump supporter filmed punching a 26-year-old black protester is indicative of the divisiveness being stirred by the Trump campaign.

The Trump brand is becoming synonymous with hatred in America. It has not cornered the hatred market, however. Consider the behavior of students at a recent high school basketball game in Boston.

Supporters of an all-boys Catholic school whose students chanted “You killed Jesus” during a game against a nearby public school with a large Jewish student body say that the taunt followed anti-gay slurs from their opponents’ fans.

Here’s My Take: Hatred, regardless of which side of the court it originates, reduces God’s creation to the less than human and should be confronted. Returning tit for tat is not the answer, however.

Faith’s response to hatred is found in Jesus’ call to “Love your enemies, do good to them who hate you.” This does not mean approving their actions or beliefs but maintaining respect for them as another child or children of God. You can apply this to your “ex,” inflammatory politicians or those of us who often over re-act to insults hurled in our direction.

Love is the only true form of protest. It always wins the day.

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