Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

I was surprised to learn recently that I live in one of North Carolina’s “Ten Most Miserable Places.” This at least is the conclusion of a study published in Road Snacks, an on-line “infotainment” magazine. Edenton, my home town, was ranked number nine.

Two basic assumptions guided the research: Wealthy people are happier than non-wealthy people, and married people are happier than non-married people. These “truths” led to the conclusion that, since Edenton has a lower than average home ownership rate (32.6%) and a lower than average number of married couples (37.7%), it must be a miserable place to live.

In my opinion, home ownership and marriage as indicators of happiness can be overrated.

Here’s My Take: Misery is not a place. It’s the state of feeling unloved or being unloving. In the words of Brazilian educator Paulo Freiré “We flourish only in communion with each other.”

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