Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

Pope Francis recently changed church law so priests can wash the feet of women as well as men during the Holy Thursday ritual, an inclusion seen as a step forward for women. In contrast, an evangelical pastor said recently that “God has given Christianity masculine feet.”  

It’s safe to say this pastor never met my mother.

It has been suggested that Donald Trump’s popularity with some evangelicals has to do more with his image of masculinity than with his faith. He dismisses women, never backs down and never apologizes, thus becoming a role model for those who believe Christianity has “masculine feet.”

Here’s My Take: Donald Trump and many Christians preach the return of male supremacy as if it were ordained by God (or as if it ever existed). It wasn’t men who got up early and ran to Jesus’ tomb following the crucifixion.

The message of the Donald and the evangelical pastor, unlike that of the Pope, simply lacks feet.

A Vision

Donald Trump arrives at the pearly gates where he is immediately clothed in beautiful robes befitting a pope.

“Welcome” says a smiling St. Peter. “As a reward for your exemplary life, you have been chosen to wash the feet, for eternity, of all women who enter these gates. Here comes Fox journalist Megyn Kelly and Hillary Clinton now. Call me if you need more water.”



    • Daniel, sorry to be so late in replying to your responses. Thank you for reading. Sometimes I think I may exaggerate a little but not much. The evangelicals pick and choose specific bits of scripture for their arguments rather than looking at the overall picture of faith presented in the Bible. I expect this narrowness to be displayed in the museum. One only has to look at the Board of Directors to see what’s happening. I have no idea what Mr. Trump will do next, but you’re right, appalling is the right word. Thanks for reading. Roger


  1. The symbolic act of foot-washing, like all symbolic acts, can be used for the wrong reasons.
    It should say I’m willing to serve the needs of others, but often it says , look at me see how humble I am.
    Perhaps among the greatest of humble detestable characters is Uriah Heap who is humble even in victory.


    • Thanks for reminding me of Uriah Heap. I’m going to look for my copy of David Copperfield and re-read it. To serve is the right spirit. Humbleness in leadership is hard to find. A few weeks ago I went down to Plains, GA to sit in on President Carter’s Sunday School class at the Maranatha Baptist Church. We were told that we could not clap or stand when he entered the room. He is the most humble of leaders. Thank you for reading. Roger


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