Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Approach

On some days it’s hard to find hopeful news in religious circles. It’s not the evil in the world that makes me question God’s existence, it’s the followers of God.

In many Hindu and Muslim temples women are prohibited from entering when they have their period. One Hindu temple in Kerala, India, goes a step further. Since it is difficult to know if a woman is menstruating, it has banned all women between 10 and 50 years of age. The temple leader, Prayar Gopalakrishnan, has said that women will be allowed to enter “only after a machine has been invented to detect if they have their period.”

This cynical remark has drawn the ire of young Hindu women who have launched a Happy-To-Bleed protest on Facebook. One woman has posted, “Mr. Gopalakrishnan and everyone who thinks women are impure during their periods, don’t forget it’s the same ‘impurity’ you survived on for nine months inside your mother’s womb.”

The Indian Muslim Women’s Movement has filed a petition in court over the menstruating ban. A ruling in their favor would set a precedent with far-reaching consequences for discrimination against women in places of worship.

Here’s My Take: All major religions are male-dominated. As a result, the fullness of God’s love is only partially revealed. In the Christian faith, we believe that the blood of Christ was shed for the sins of all. Women shed theirs every month. Happily, it’s the same God-given blood.

2 thoughts on “HAPPY TO BLEED

  1. John Griffith

    Hi Roger. Have been reading your blogs (despite my anti-blog inclination) and find them provocative, as I would expect from you. But I am curious: Do you really believe that “the blood was Christ was shed for our sins.?” Best to you and Liz. John


    • John, each week I think I might run out of topics but as long as we have Mr. Trump and evangelical Christians, I guess there will be something to write about. I hope you are doing well although I’m sure it’s lonely and the news is little consolation. Tim and Cheri are supposed to come and visit us in March. I hope to be back in Kansas City in April and look forward to coming by for a visit. Roger


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