Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

As a child, I drew moustaches and goatees on the likes of Mona Lisa. Now it’s payback time. I woke up last night wondering, “Is Jesus really the daughter of God?”

The issue here is one of gender fluidity or adapting gender designations to meet cultural changes.

In the Bible, God created man and woman in God’s image (Gen 1:27). While many Christians still accept only masculine designations, feminine terms for God are appropriate, even necessary to challenge religious sexism. God is gender fluid.

But what about Jesus?

This question arises from Sarah Silverman’s tweet, “Merry Christmas. Jesus is gender fluid.” Scholars have been quick to point out her inaccuracy. Nevertheless, there are early Christian writings that portray Jesus as feminine. In The Revelation of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich (1395), the first known book written in English by a woman, Jesus is compared to a mother who is wise, loving and merciful.

Here’s My Take: Gender fluidity is not the same as rejection or even skepticism. It’s expanding faith to be more inclusive, not a bad New Year’s resolution for all of us.

Warning: If your resolve is to protect orthodoxy, beware of children drawing moustaches and goatees on the likes of Mona Lisa. They will keep you up at night.

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