Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

The discovery recently of a new-born baby left in a nativity scene manger says as much about society today as did the birth of the Christ-child in a stable many centuries ago. It’s the same story. Who knows? It may be the same child.

According to news accounts, the custodian at Holy Child Jesus Church in Queens, New York, found the crying infant shortly after setting up an indoor nativity scene. The child was wrapped in blue towels with his umbilical cord still intact. The mother has been identified as an 18-year-old recent immigrant from Mexico who gave birth alone and then took the child to the church “to be left in God’s hands.”

Comments about this story have been revealing. Most have been critical. “Does this make him an American citizen?” “Illegitimate births are an abomination to the Lord.” “If this is a miracle, so is a flat tire on your car.”

Except for the flat tire reference, I can imagine the good citizens of Nazareth making similar statements since Joseph and Mary were not married at the time of their son’s birth. They also traveled from afar.

Here’s My Take: I don’t know much about second comings or reincarnations or resurrections. But I do know this. The rebirth of hope comes not from the high and mighty but from the lowly and illegitimate. That’s the Gospel truth.


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