Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

The year is 2017. Donald Trump has just been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. “Make America Great” banners, most with the President Trump’s photograph, are flying everywhere.

As promised, Trump has acted swiftly. By executive order, U. S. borders have been closed to all immigration and millions of illegal aliens have been rounded up for deportation by rail cars to Mexico. In addition, Muslims are being rapidly moved to “protection centers” for further interrogation. Unlike Paris following the terrorist bombings in 2015, this order has no expiration date.

At a press conference last night, President Trump noted with pride that he had virtually eliminated unemployment by recruiting 500,000 National Security Troops to prevent any enemy-backed uprisings in major urban areas. He also promised to make our country even safer by deporting anyone caught harboring Mexican or Muslim fugitives. “Treason will not be tolerated,” he said. Many religious leaders have already been arrested and sanctuary churches are being burned.

Here’s My Take: What a nightmare I just had, Lord. Thanks for waking me up. I can’t afford to be late for the “Republicans for Hillary” committee meeting. It’s the only hope we have.

*For the idea of a Trump presidency, I am indebted to David Gushee’s “A Report on President Trump’s First 100 Days” (Religious News Service, Nov. 24, 2015). The solution is my own, however.

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