Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

There are two primary words in the language of faith – the “S” word and the “F” word (Sin and Forgiveness). Often these are used together: “Forgive us our sins as we forgive the sins of others.”

That’s not always true, however. Take, for example, a recent announcement by the Westboro Baptist Church condemning Kim Davis as a “sinner” for her multiple marriages. (Ms. Davis, you may recall, is the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples for religious reasons, becoming the “saint” of evangelical Christians.)

“Divorce, remarriage and same-sex ‘marriage’ are all sin,” according to a statement by the Westboro church of Topeka, KS, infamous for picketing funerals of fallen American soldiers with inflammatory signs (“God Hates Fags”) denouncing the sin of homosexuality. Ms. Davis has been married four times.

It’s difficult to be a saint these days, especially when the self-righteous are so quick to see the speck in the eyes of others.

Here’s My Take: The art of living in glass houses is to concentrate on tossing the “F” word, first to others and then to ourselves. It saves a lot of cuts, bruises and heartaches.

A Second Take: The real sins of this world (sin being an absence of love) are designed, not in the openness of glass houses, but behind dark walls of deception – war and violence, environmental destruction, and degradation of the poor and marginal. These should neither be forgotten nor forgiven.

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