Jimmy Carter: An Antidote for the Poison of Politics

Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

When you meet someone, whether you like them or not, he or she becomes human. It’s harder to demonize the personal.

The first president I ever met was Jimmy Carter. I was impressed with his warmth and his humility. As a result, no matter how great the criticism of his presidency, I remained a faithful follower.

In 1980, when Rosalynn Carter came to Kansas City for the dedication of the Westport Allen Center, our daughter, Annelise, had the opportunity to welcome her with flowers. The following Christmas Eve, even after the second term election had been lost, Ms. Carter called Annelise from the White House to thank her for the flowers. That’s impressive by any standard.

Recently, I portrayed Donald Trump as the biblical Tempter for his worship of wealth and power. (Perhaps I would be kinder if I met him in person.) The attention garnered by the announcement that Jimmy Carter has cancer invites a comparison of the two.

Carter is the antidote to the poisonous Trump and his bullying, over aggressive, in-your-face divisive brand of politics. It was the gentle but persuasive Carter that won the Nobel Peace Prize for his emphasis on overcoming divisions among nations and who has since dedicated his life to building housing for the poor.

From a faith perspective, there is no comparison. Carter approaches sainthood.

Here’s My Take: Surround yourself as early as you can with the most ethical and the most compassionate people you can find. Hold on to them dearly. They will allow you to survive the poisonous Trumps, Tempters and Bullies of the world.

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