Bernie and the Baptists

Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

Though not a fan of conflict, I do enjoy seeing contrasting images brought together – dressing up like Jesus on Halloween and going trick or treating, for example. From my experience people are more sensitive and open to change in the midst of dueling images.

I am intrigued, therefore, by Bernie Sander’s acceptance of an invitation to speak at Liberty University next month. Liberty is the conservative school founded by Moral Majority leader Jerry Falwell. Sanders, a U. S. Senator from Vermont and a candidate for president, is a socialist democrat and secular Jew. This is contrast at a pretty high level.

Stereotypes are not broken down by bringing like-minded people together. Students at Liberty University are not likely to vote for Senator Sanders. They will, however, leave his presentation with a broader perspective of the issues and a respect rather than a demonization of those with opposing views. Sanders will see conservative religious views as faces rather than statistics. Both will benefit.

Here’s My Take: It’s refreshing to see a political candidate open to dialogue rather than the divide and conquer mentality of current politics. Here is true faith regardless of whether or not the name of God is invoked. The actions of faith are more important than the words of faith. Amen.

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