Three Bold Predictions

Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective 

I believe that when human rights are advanced in one area, there is the potential for a ground swell to confront inequities in other areas as well. In light of recent advancements for LGBT’s and health care for the poor, I make the following hopeful predictions.

#1: Death Penalty Abolished 

The Supreme Court dealt a severe blow recently to the anti-death penalty movement by ruling against a case brought by three Oklahoma prisoners who claimed that a lethal-injection drug constituted “cruel and unusual punishment.” However, with the current opposition to the death penalty at 40%, I predict that within five years, as this number surpasses 50% and other states outlaw its use, Congress will finally take action and abolish the death penalty in America.

#2: Evangelicals, Gays Unite on Marriage, Family Issues 

Conservative religious groups have long upheld the value of marriage and family relationships. While the rhetoric now centers on “one man, one woman” as the basis for marriage, I predict that within three years this language will change. Recognizing the traditional nature of same-sex marriage, groups like the Southern Baptists will make overtures to the gay community by including at their church conventions seminars on “Diversity in Marriage and Family.” 

#3: Seventh-Day Adventists Ordain Woman 

This week the 18-million member Seventh Day Adventists will be considering whether or not scripture allows for the ordination of women. This issue arises as they face the reality that members are aging and that the church must change, at least in the U.S., to attract younger members. Believing that survival is as important as orthodoxy, I predict that within one year the denomination will ordain a woman pastor. The impact of this on other “non-ordaining” evangelical groups will be significant.

Here’s My Take: Performer or spectator, it’s a hopeful time to be alive.

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