Same-Sex Marriage and the Environment

Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective


No doubt many of you have heard that our North Carolina General Assembly recently passed a bill allowing magistrate judges to opt out of performing same-sex weddings (legal in this state) if such unions conflict with their religious beliefs. The rational is one of protecting “separation of church and state” as if that separation is really an issue.

At the same time, Republican presidential candidate and Catholic-convert, Jeb Bush, has criticized Pope Francis for his encyclical, “Praise Be: On the Care of Our Common Home,” saying the Pope should avoid issues such as global warming. According to Bush, “religion ought to be about making us better as people and less about things that end up getting in the political realm.”

What a confusing world. On one hand we have elected officials using religion to circumvent the law and on the other we have politicians telling us that religion should not be involved in trying to save God’s creation from extinction.

Here’s my take: The narrowness of the North Carolina General Assembly towards same-sex marriage will be settled soon by the Supreme Court. Jeb Bush’s short-sighted position on Pope Francis’s concern for the environment will be settled in the next presidential primary.

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