Billy Graham had many weaknesses – he did little to promote civil rights and he expressed anti-Catholic sentiments during the Kenney presidential campaign. Still, when it came to politics, he did not grovel at the feet of the powerful.

For the most part, unlike today’s evangelical leaders, Graham stayed out of partisan politics.

Now along come House Speak Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell requesting of Graham’s all too political son, Franklin, that his father’s remains be brought to the Capitol “in recognition of Rev. Graham’s long and distinguished service to the nation.”

Here’s My Take: While Graham may have avoided political forays, he was by no means impartial. His evangelistic message of “salvation only through belief in Jesus Christ” was, in a pluralistic society, an affront to half of all Americans.

The last person to lie in state at the U. S. Capitol Rotunda was Rosa Parks, the Civil Rights activist who sought to end discrimination against blacks.

Ending discrimination and proclaiming it are not the same. Billy Graham does not belong in the same building as Rosa Parks.